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Materials: Carbon Fiber
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The Carbonetics 2GB Eclipse DSM side splitters are meticulously designed and custom-built to complement the beautiful body lines of the 2G DSM. They offer a great opportunity to take your street car to the next level in terms of style and appearance. Installing the Carbonetics 2GB Eclipse DSM side splitters is a straightforward process. You will need to remove your OEM side skirts, place them on top of the splitters, drill holes for proper alignment, and secure them in place using bolts and nuts. This installation method ensures a secure and durable attachment. One notable feature of the Carbonetics side splitters is that they have the shape of the OEM side skirts. This design choice ensures a seamless integration and a cohesive look when installed on your vehicle. By adding the Carbonetics 2GB Eclipse DSM side splitters to your street car, you can enhance its visual impact and create a more aggressive and dynamic appearance. The side splitters are designed to align with the body lines of the 2G DSM, providing a harmonious and well-integrated aesthetic. Enjoy the easy installation process and the transformative effect that the Carbonetics 2GB Eclipse DSM side splitters bring to your street car. Elevate its style and showcase your attention to detail with these custom-built splitters that enhance both the visual appeal and individuality of your vehicle.

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