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Material: Carbon Fiber
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"The Carbonetics 2G roof cap is a great addition for your street car. Designed to go on top of the OEM metal roof, this cap can enhance the appearance and style of your vehicle. To install the Carbonetics 2G roof cap, we recommend using black windshield silicone. This type of silicone adhesive is commonly used for securing exterior automotive parts and provides a durable and secure bond. When applying the silicone, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that the surface is clean and properly prepped for optimal adhesion. It's important to take care during the installation process to ensure a proper fit and alignment of the roof cap. By adding the Carbonetics 2G roof cap to your street car, you can achieve an enhanced and personalized look. Enjoy the stylish and streamlined appearance it brings to your vehicle, providing a unique touch to set it apart from the rest." Replacing the entire roof is a viable option, but it will involve cutting and trimming metal. We've included detailed pictures of the process for reference. For the best results and safety, we highly recommend seeking the expertise of a professional body shop
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